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Stop 'Bail-in'

Stop 'Bail-in'

In February 2019 the IMF demanded the Australian government implement a full bail-in system.
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Stop the 'Cash Ban' Bill

Stop the 'Cash Ban' Bill

Stop Scott Morrison from banning cash to trap Australians in banks!
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Hands off our bank deposits! - STOP BAIL-IN


With panic breaking out in the financial system, the danger grows that bank customers will have their deposits bailed-in
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Break up the Banks

Break up the Banks!

Join the fight today for a separation of banks with deposits from all other financial activities
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22 Feb 2020
Cash Ban Update / We Need a National Bank / Assange

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Lesson of Holden: Australia needs a national bank to invest in manufacturing

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Latest Updates

Sinn Féin’s success in the 8 February Irish general election is the inevitable result of economic austerity generating a political backlash.

21 Feb 2020

As the global financial crisis worsens, taking shape in different ways in different nations, one thing is clear: The population will not be duped into believing that actions which prevent them accessing their bank accounts and securing their…

21 Feb 2020

By Neil Burrows and Rick Sneeuwjagt, Bushfire Front

17 Feb 2020