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Don’t let politicians betray your right to use cash to financial elites!

- Citizens Party Media Release

Australians are making submissions to Treasury and swamping politicians with calls and messages against Scott Morrison’s cash ban, but we need to escalate. From face-to-face meetings with major party MPs, there are still too many signs that they are zombies programmed to docilely accept these measures. They need their constituents to snap them out of their stupor, and motivate them to questions the reasons for this ban, rather than just roll over and sell out their constituents’ rights and freedoms.

The first step is to make sure you email a submission to Treasury by the deadline on Monday 12 August. Secondly, make sure you call your MP and all 12 Senators to demand they oppose this bill.

Economist John Adams and banking expert Martin North have posted a video on their Interests Of The People (IOTP) YouTube channel exposing the real reason for this cash ban, which all MPs and journalists must see.

Click here to watch: Don’t Believe the Establishment’s Cash Ban Lies and Propaganda

Adams and North present the evidence that the push for a cashless economy is absolutely not about the black economy, as the government claims. This is a very important point, because ignorant MPs tend to accept official explanations, especially from Treasury, rather than think independently. Some of them can’t think independently, but many are just kept completely distracted, and don’t have time to read through the bills they pass and think about their implications.

Adams and North present the evidence that:

  1. a cash ban doesn’t reduce the black economy, as Sweden’s experiment proves;
  2. the global banking elite have been pushing for a cash ban for a long time, explicitly to trap people in the banking system so that their crazy policies to prop up the system, especially negative interest rates imposed by central banks, can be more effective. As the CEC has emphasised, the cash ban will also stop bank customers from escaping the bail-in policy of stealing deposits to prop up failing banks.

MPs and journalists who have been contacted so far are trying to deny the connection between the cash ban and policies like negative interest rates. They must watch this show!

The key is you. Every concerned Australian must mobilise against this law, by hammering all MPs and Senators against it. So far, only Pauline Hanson’s One Nation has come out against it; the rest are considering their position. We have a bit less than five weeks until Parliament resumes, and this bill is likely to be introduced, to flood all MPs with calls, emails, letters and visits to protest this law.

As John Adams, a former advisor to a senator, says in the video post: “Do not underestimate the power you can have on politicians if you call them up and send them emails and say to them ‘we will vote you out of power if you support this bill’.”

The global financial system is in turmoil on numerous fronts, including the US-China trade war and resulting stock market crash, and the looming collapse of Deutsche Bank. And with more signs of panic emerging, including the Reserve Bank of New Zealand slashing interest rates by half a percentage point in one go, the desperation driving such extreme measures is obviously intensifying. By fighting policies such as the cash ban and bail-in, we are not just fighting for our rights, but we are forcing the political system to instead take steps to reform the corrupt and failing banking system through measures such as Glass-Steagall structural separation of banks, and a national bank to direct credit into developing the real economy.

What you can do:

  1. Send your submission to Treasury, today!
  2. Call or email your MP, and send them the link to this Adams-North video.
  3. Call the two MPs who have responsibility for this bill: government Assistant Treasurer Michael Sukkar, and opposition Shadow Assistant Treasurer Stephen Jones, to vehemently protest this law.

    Michael Sukkar
    (03) 9874 1711

    Stephen Jones
    (02) 4297 2285

  4. Prioritise contacting all the smaller parties, including the Nationals, so they are motivated to take a position sooner rather than later, which will give the major parties nowhere to hide.

Click here to sign the petition to the Australian Parliament: Hands off our bank deposits—stop ‘bail-in’!

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